Welcome to yet another attempt at providing an open source control program for the pcr-1000 radio receiver.

The ICOM PCR-1000 is a computer controlled general purpose radio receiver.

The problem with the PCR-1000 is that ICOM has not released a description of the control protocol and that there isn't any portable software for controlling the radio. If you are using Windows, you can get TalkPCR, a very good program, and one I use myself. But, if you are like me and want to control the radio from Linux, FreeBSD, and OS/X, you are out of luck. While there are several programs out there that work with one or another of these systems, there is no single program, that we are aware of, that works with all of them.

To find out more about other resources for the PCR1000, try PCR 1000 Resources

It is said that it is possible to corrupt the PCR1000's EEPROM. Be sure you back up your EEPROM before running PCR1000 or any other program.

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